After the Women's March finally took action against their antisemitic board members, Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory, and Bob Bland, by removing them, they added four more notorious antisemites. One of them, Zahra Billoo, perhaps the most vile and repugnant antisemite of them all, was immediately removed after a swift outcry to her being added ensued. However, three antisemites remain:

Charlene Carruthers - claimed in 2018 that she is " speak out against Israeli occupation [because she] witnessed the consequences."

Samia Assad - shared a video with the headline "Israel = worse than the devil" and declared that under Trump "I feel like I'm in Nazi Germany."

Rinku Sen - wrote an op-ed decrying "supremacist aspects of Zionism" while arguing Zionism is a "movement that claims all of the land from Iraq to Egypt for Ashkenazi (white) Jews."

In short, the Women's March takes Jews for fools that will fall easily for their sleight of hand. But they remain corrupted to the core, and thus their antisemitism problem persists. They can change faces and names, but the antisemitism remains.