Sharpton is Not Kosher, and No Attempt to Erase His Past Will Make People Forget About His Stirring the Pot of Antisemitism

“Kamala Harris or any of the other Democrat candidates can try all they will, but Al Sharpton will never escape his past until he comes clean and asks for forgiveness from the many Jews he hurt,” said former New York State Assemblyman and founder of Americans Against Antisemitism, Dov Hikind.

For those of us who lived in New York through the rough early 1990’s when David Dinkins was mayor and the city was out of control, it’s impossible to forget the litany of charges Al Sharpton brought upon himself: when he was in Israel, a New Yorker who told him to “go to hell,” to which he responded “I’m already in hell”; he also referred to Jews on different occasions as “bloodsucking Jews,” “Jew bastards,” “white interlopers,” and “diamond merchants.”

But Sharpton’s greatest hits, by far, are the bizarre Tawana Brawley racist-rape hoax, and of course the Crown Heights Riots of 1991 which went down in my backyard. I want to briefly remind people of what happened, lest we forget and allow this hateful personage to be turned into a saint by Democrats and Left-leaning media.

A Jewish man swerved his car and ended up on a sidewalk, hitting two black kids who were pinned underneath. As the driver was trying to extricate the kids, a crowd of angry men formed and started attacking him while some were trying to extricate the children. When a Hatzalah (Jewish) ambulance came to the scene first, the NYPD officers on the scene told them to take the Jewish man because he was about to get lynched. This chain of events set off “days of rage” during which Mayor Dinkins famously told his police force to “let them vent.” Vent they did, led and aroused by Sharpton, when they caught a Yeshivah student named Yankel Rosenbaum on the streets and stabbed him to death. But that wasn’t the end. The Crown Heights Jewish community was terrorized for days, houses were broken into, families terrorized, and one particular father and son (whose brother happens to be my staffer) made the front page of all newspapers when they were caught in the middle of it, and were nearly murdered by the violent mob chanting “Jew, Jew, get the Jew!” It was Sharpton who led the angry mob in chants of “No justice, no peace!” What kind of “justice” was he seeking that could justify attacking innocent men, women and children? What kind of peace was he hoping for with more bloodshed caused by his instigation?

At no point since the Crown Heights Riots has Al Sharpton so much as signalled that he regrets his actions or takes responsibility. Instead, he went quiet for a while, until under the Obama administration his image was resurrected as a peace-loving, non-violent, civil-rights activist. But history doesn’t forget, and the Jewish community will not easily forgive someone who is unrepentant.

Thus, for all the Democrats kissing Sharpton’s ring-finger as though he’s the kingmaker, they’re simply staining themselves with the unkosher taint of antisemitism that hangs over the irreverent reverend.