Bernie Sanders and the Corbynization of the Democrats; A Campaign Filled with Antisemites

Democratic nominee for president, Bernie Sanders, did it. He finally did it. His open and warm embrace of notorious and unabashed antisemites like Linda Sarsour, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, is a signal that his views on Israel and antisemitism are just as toxic if not more dangerous coming from him. The embrace is now complete with the surrogacy of Sarsour and the endorsements of Tlaib and Omar and their number one fan Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez; in other words, Bernie Sanders is Jeremy Corbyn. Let this be a warning, for we see where Corbynism has led the British Labour Party, once vaunted, now made toxic by an open embrace of the worst antisemitism has to offer. Corbyn considers himself friends with members of Hamas and other terror groups, and praised them as ‘freedom fighters’.

It appears to be too late for Sanders to disentangle himself from people who said Zionism “creeps me out” or ‘don’t humanize Israelis’ or a number of other nasty antisemitic remarks that betray a deep-rooted hatred for the Jewish people. But what of the other Democrats, is this what they want for their party? How many Jews will have to be sacrificed before it elicits the proper response from society at all levels?

Shame on the Democrats, and shame on Bernie Sanders for hugging antisemites so tightly instead of keeping a proper distance! History will not judge him lightly.